This Will Come to Pass

by Calculator

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debut full length. self released.
Recorded Summer 2012-Spring 2013 with Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden


released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved



calculator California

5 dudes doin DIY or cry.

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Track Name: Overture
breathing sickness unto glass
drawing interpretations while intact
but windows shatter,
as circles last
white light shining through a prism
becoming nothing or chaos with

"what a smile", is what they really should say
such dumb blankness full of meaning

staring back, unflinching, smiling
sitting still, staring at the same painting

the feelings we have are ours alone,
and in the end they shouldn't be touched.

"what a smile", is what they really should say
so be cautious of things we frame in the dead of the night
an attempt to breach the disconnect in all the wrong ways,
instead we must create,
and take the place of god
Track Name: Gasping, but Somehow Still Alive
Things are never the way they come out in our wildest of dreams, and thus our eyes met across the room. A love in the sweetest of glances indicate youth as the last adventure.

Vertigo has never felt so sour. My stomach has never been so thick. Fever, fevered eyes, I'd rather die in your sheets.

(Where does my trust go? And what to do with soul? Overflowing within me. In the back of my chest, unconscious resent. I'll pull apart my wrists and I'll be on some real strict shit.)

Resign yourselves to ripping hearts out by the roots!
I can't feel my feet touching the ground
guess its always been in the blood
and in my pathetic lungs

It's what holds the days from the flood, but aren't we all hiding something holds the days from the flood but aren't we all hiding?

I've been clawing at these walls pretending our names will be legible for our songs and our daughters. I'll always be here. I'm right here.
Track Name: Brooding Over
Woke up dazed from the night before. Swelled, throbbing my stomach reminds me (of) young lovers fucking next door. A sweet sweat-soaked sickness bottom of the glass, bottom of the barrel.

The solution is always the same: you whisper to me "is touching, feeling, kissing all a lie?"

we gaze, from this empty view point--divide
on different planes with similar crossroads
the relenting sunset, on both sides, sighed
this photo, wrought with missed memories, bodes

dark days must pass for space to come undone
tiny rain tatters as Time passes cold
no efforts bequeath the prodigal sun
for our duties, scratched within sand, still bold
in the end, I promise, we will be whole

amiss, I miss the shape that fits in mine
open until it selects one, the sol
slams the door shut; together we will shine

While waking from poor rest in cold breath, I've found that the will to seek safeness in tension is always in question, and i ask myself...

Can those bridges desired to be crossed, really be crossed at all? But now as i write this sentence, I ask myself...

Is there any other way? Can we see each other in sunlight? The shine across your brow sets everything in time. I don't really know about you and me, but our figures (casting shadows) seem to align.
Track Name: Becoming//Whisperings in Sleep
We always mean to say more when our hands and nails are dug in. Settled on undressed beaches and distant shores sirens scream ever so softly so (before they force contact) with the nerve to say, this might produce the most lovely child.

My mind is distracted and the path doomed from the start.

I never knew you
I'll never know you
Track Name: Permanent State of Daylight
I want to stay still for just one more day and sleep through the time I made for you. It's the reason to seek deeper sleep, wrapped up in blankets and lit in silver.

Let the moon oversee those restless bodies
Like lips to a brow, a mist over sea

The ships set to anchor
He is drunk at the helm

Breathing softly in a dream all day
Saved from these stacks,
Hands constantly in motion,
Spinning slowly in my eyes, dragging lines in my mind..

Tired of deja vu, reaching out to brush a canopy stretched above

Moving from behind my eyes, to a place inside my heart
To get away but not to hide
and I've been waiting, like a feather
and I've been sleeping, through all the questions
Track Name: First Shadow of Evening
Face to face with endless repetition: take that knife to bed with you (and) sing it a lullaby to sleep. A hope for a heaven in her arms just to taste the salt on your skin.

When the passage of days sinks over me
and to say I’m bounded
Would only flatten the surface
and to say, my feet are ensnared in a trap

can Achilles help me fly?

You are secretly unaware as i watch your every sigh and entrance every single mind. Seek to mimic and unwind like water dripping from clasp palms, a deserted friend we'll never see again, and the moment you don't recognize a death approaching you.

I wonder where she goes
I wonder where i go
Track Name: Come Closer, Go Unto
cold lastly touches my window,
in its spread, over where my will grows, a frost seals
"know my touch as your own, as your brothers,
know the cool you've so longed"

come closer, go unto
leaving laps lone and pages still
brings the growing will
and a steady pull through
Track Name: Guided by Moonlight
Way too consumed with closure, so count me yours. A day in our city makes such a sweet sound. I miss it all in bright lights. You know where to find me.

The unifying moment experienced in the saddest of places.
This disappointing moment, passing by, it’s already lost.

(it's) like trying to reroute what conquers us.
Like trying to reroute the things that conquer us.

Fuck remembering all we have been told because the path always taken - reminiscent of the hanging moon - the second one in the sky.
Don’t let me break.

it’s sad we didn't meet in another world.
it could have been ours in another world

The thought of happy endings and fairy tales transcend anything that I can do to prove to you that tomorrow isn't yesterday and today is exactly the same.

connect the void
attach the body
attach the body
connect the void

connect the body
attach the void
Track Name: Reverie
Hearing you say that this is the last time makes me cringe. A hardened stance against the softer surface, a rush unto me. Under ether-white beds of falling sleep things tread and go with no regard.

You’re gone as quick as you came. Don’t fall asleep cause I’m in the passenger’s seat. Time works to smother you.

a faded gaze
unto a smile
finally at rest

I'm inert while turning forms
clairvoyance could tell, underneath
a shadow lies
brightness to be seen
but only dust traces me
after hovering from when you left

Mirror the image on paper. I’m becoming a diary page, and it isn’t any clearer.
Track Name: Grinning at the Thought
i can feel the push and the weight of the night
gliding its finger down my spine
the choice is gone
i’m stuck harvesting nervous thoughts in a quiet mind
so show me why you love to live
and I’ll crack a smile that’ll make this night come alive

i’m never gonna dance again,
guilty feet have got no rhythm
and mine have snapped their bones and come undone.
i’ve been sleeping through the day and burning pictures all night
blowing the ashes into coming seasons
left to trimming the fat and trashing the body

soft drops in descent for windowpanes, whispering together
“there’s something wrong with today.
stay inside. Weary eyed,

my son, lift these reasons to be
for how this weight pains me
my son, lift these reason to be
for how this weight pains me
how this weight pains
Track Name: Dark Victory
The dark victory: all around turns to dust, bounded to the total emptiness. This forced memory: alive, cradled by, complete separation. And then the world around us loses it's meaning.

This is the dance, in which we become impious. This is the closed grin with shallow flailing.

In the constant cacophony of beating hearts and searching eyes,
street signs and traffic lights my tears crack through the floorboard sinking into you.

Beating hearts and searching eyes, street signs and traffic lights trying to declare that I'm still here.

Beating hearts and searching eyes, street signs and traffic lights my tears crack through the floorboard sinking into you.

My darling take a sip. Now it's our together.
This is another song about heartbreak gone right.

My darling take a sip. Now it's our together.
This is another song about dreams clenched tight.

In this moment, we are together. Let's face our fears tonight.
Track Name: Last Breath
In this moment we are together. Let's face our fears tonight and smile forever.

In this moment we are together. Lets face our fears tonight. Smile ever so softly so.

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