These Roots Grow Deep

by calculator

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all recorded material from 2007-2009


released March 26, 2010

recorded at various places from alex estrada's the earth capital to elliot babin's garage



all rights reserved


calculator California

5 dudes doin DIY or cry.

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Track Name: zero
i need some glue to put back the pieces
my broken heart can't stand on its own
but i can use some water to clear my throat
and sing these songs about passion and love!
Track Name: breathing in
how do i say goodbye?
with waving hands and swollen eyes
or open arms or open minds
im so scared
i forgot how to breathe

i dont want the summer to end
these seasons change too fast

i dont want to die today
i dont want to die, alone.
Track Name: breathing out
close your eyes
you are almost asleep
in my arms
possessed by speaking
in tongues
i coughed my throat
through my lungs
bloodied and beating

she once told me
"her game of life wasn't life"
i cant hold it together

i know its hard
if piece by piece
you block the clock
and then your beast
it rages on
it wont repair
its too far gone
it'll always be there

were going to speak
in rhythm
to the beat
of our hearts
I'm tired of hearing this

its time to take my own
I'm not here
Track Name: our homes,our graves
skeletons or bones
I count the dead with my fingers
and hearing about
all the pills
in our bodies we are lesser than

we've been stuck in a coma for the past 18 years
and I wanna stand grounded in the soil

I'm scared to death of whats to become of this hopefull mess

when you lie
in your home
I hope its comfortable
when you lie
in your grave
I hope its comfortable

(we fall from the sky, to the ocean, in the fire, and we lie in the ground)
truth be told, I'm not a fucking liar and I can't stand next to these graveyards
Track Name: paradise
and the sea will part for us
and as we walk across the sand, I am home
Track Name: bandages
When the tree falls in the forest
Ill be the one to make a sound
And I will look at her limbs
There’s so much dead in her eyes

i am too much in the sun.
And the branches
Reach out to the sun
They block me in the shade
You are not the only one

Take your time
And hold my hand
I’m the one
Who’ll be there for you
Track Name: fivethousand
counting the days has never been so hard
we all want to feel again
where weve came weve got so far to go
until we are whole again
ive walked these streets fivethousand times
and im stuck in the same
we all want to feel again
and i love my brother my mom and my dad
i never took the time to realize all that i had
Track Name: abroad
I put my hands over may face
looking through my fingertips, stumbled on broken english
my 36 days seems like 48 hours

gasping for air.
Track Name: party like theres no tomorrow in 2012
can i reach the sky?
i tried to reach higher
cent mess around cant play around cant mess around
now i reach the sky
the tallest building isnt tall
deliberately i want to live
were growing fast and faster
and we will party until 2012 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12....fuckasdiaf
Track Name: friendslikepaddles
were sinking
and weve sprung a leak
our ship will hit the ocean floor.
how can you tread these waters all alone?
now were sinking with good intentions buird in our hearts
isnt that what these paddles are for?
isnt that what friends are for?
i just hope that after this youll still feel big enough
and the oceans still big enough

to know your head
and love your heart
to cherish the silence
of four years apart
to grip your hands tight
till i start again
and always be the feather caught in a wind

i dream of being lost in the ocean treading water
with only these four paddles to guide me on my way
Track Name: presence
in this wall i carve my name
each step that i take brings me backwards
each time that i cry all i hear is laughter

the perfect grasp of your roots blossomed me higher taller
with no exceptions the seasons change for fast for me
its not even spring and the flowers already bloomed

i just want to make my mark.
Track Name: memorial
explosions in the sky
i dont want to go back to 1945
without it i wouldnt be alive

they call it freedom but are we truly free?
its fascinating that i can change tomorrow
for my sons and their daughters
and their daughters